Sunday, 30 September 2007

Building a Basic Regimen

Well to start with, in order to grow healthy hair you should have a regimen just like you wash and moisturise your skin every day so you should have a regimen to maintain your hair. A good way to begin is to have things you do to your hair every week:


1. Wash your hair with shampoo (a mild shampoo) I like Aveda DR.

2. Follow up with a deep conditioner I use the Aveda DR Intensive Reconstructive Treatment but a good and cheaper alternative deep conditioner is Lustrasilk Shea Butter. Put it on damp hair after shampooing, put on a shower cap and leave on for about 15-30 mins (if you've got a standing dryer) you can sit under it to let the heat penetrate your hair shaft. Rinse out.

3. Apply a leave-in I like Bumble & Bumble (leave in) Rinse Out when hair is just damp (not soaking wet) and then apply a dime sized (5p size) oil [I like castor oil but you can use olive oil or Wonder 8 oil] on your palms rub together and rub on your hair especially concentrating on the ends, this is called "sealing" because you seal the moisture in your hair shaft with the oil. It's a bit like the technique of putting baby oil on your skin while its still wet it makes your hair very soft and moisturised.

4. I am not a great advocate of using direct heat so you can either put your hair in a ponytail now and leave it to dry or put it plaits and let it dry. If you know how to rollerset you can do this too.


Everyday apply a moisturiser like Bumble & bumble (Leave In) Rinse Out, Keracare does a good leave in moisturiser too in the palm of your hand you only need a little rub together and apply to your hair, paying attention to the ends of your hair. "Seal" with an oil. Remember you do not need a lot of product.

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