Tuesday, 2 October 2007

To Heat Or Not To Heat?

Heat is not all bad, its great for treatments, rollersetting, styling etc. Abusing heat is though. My hair's natural so I only use it (rarely at the moment) for deep conditioning. I have used a lot of styling equipment so will give my take on some. When using heat ALWAYS use a heat protectant.

Flat Irons:

To style your hair or get those roots straight a flat iron can be your good friend. I say don't be cheap invest in a ceramic coated iron, it conducts and maintains heat more evenly so is less likely to totally fry your hair. ALWAYS use a heat protectant I like Tresseme Heat Defence Spray

Curling tongs:

Similar to the above although I think they are more redundant a good flat Iron (I love my GHDs, FHI is also good) can give you curls as well. Keep your hair AWAY from Marcel irons (the stove curlers) its ok to use on hair that's not yours (extensions) but will damage you own hair because the temperature cannot be controlled.


Well, its winter (soon anyway) so you don't really want to walk around with dripping wet hair. Wrap your hair in a towel turban syle and press (don't rub!) to get moisture out, If you have to blowdry don't do it on wet hair. Use it on the coolest setting after applying your heat proectant and take it small section by section beginning at your nape. For curly hair use a diffuser unless you want to blow out your 'fro :o).


Remember when you had to wait ages for your mum/aunt/older cousin at the salon? Rollersets are brilliant, they get your hair straight or curly using indirect heat (good heat :o) ). There are various types of rollers, magnetic, mesh, steam etc. The type and size of rollers you use depend on the effect you're trying to get.

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